Privacy Policy

Tietosuojaseloste suomeksi

HURU Palvelut Oy

Registry contact person
Jussi Järvinen
+358 40 559 1099

Name of the register
HURU Palvelut Oy:n asiakasrekisteri

Collecting personal data and the purposes of the collection
Collection of personal data is based on legal and contactual justification between the customer and HURU Palvelut Oy. There are legally binding oblications for such activities. Collecting personal data is necessary for the contract to be established between the customer and HURU Palvelut Oy.

We also collect personal data for marketing purposes. Legal justification for handling personal data is consent of the data subject, contract between the data subject and HURU Palvelut Oy or any other relevant connection between the customer and HURU Palvelut Oy.

HURU Palvelut Oy is not doing any profiling or automated decisions related to the customer.

Personal data is received by:
– HURU Palvelut Oy and its employees
– Payment receiver who receives the transaction related to the contact from the data owner
– Transportation company which transports goods to the data owner
– Accounting office which records the order related to the contract in our account
– Accountant handling HURU Palvelut Oy accounting
– Company which maintains our web services and provides services to the customer of HURU Palvelut Oy

Data holding time in our repositories
HURU Palvelut Oy keeps the personal data only as long as it’s necessary for that purpose for which the data is collected within the boundaries of the law and based on legal bindings defined in the law. Especially accounting defines times for how long data should be accessible.

Personal rights
The person in the registry has rights to verify, correct, limit and deny personal data handling for defined reasons. HURU Palvelut Oy can flush the data only in the case when there are no lawful obligations to continue personal data handling.